Saturday, July 2, 2011


The train to Chicago was not nearly as bad as the one to Minneapolis. We arrived at the railroad center of the country after only 8 hours. We played cards for most of the time. I am still beating Dakota consistently, though he is getting better.

Union Station was big, but sort of overwhelming. It is difficult to get a good look at a marble building in the middle of the city. I found it interesting how there were so few different names for train depots. On our itinerary I believe we go to 4 union stations and 2 or 3 Penn stations. The lack of ingenuity is surprising. Besides the name Union Station was interesting. It was very very busy. This was the first busy busy town that we would be in.

Right after we got off the train a homeless guy named John came up to us and offered to help us find our way. Being both scared and a little lost we agreed. As we walked with him towards a hostel I checked my Phone's directions. It took us a few blocks to realize we were going the wrong way. We thanked our guide and then went on our way.

We stayed at the AAE Parthenon Hostel. It was in Greek town and was owned by a fancy restaurant so breakfast was free. Our accomadations were interesting. We stayed in a dorm with 6 other guys. They were mostly nice, especially one fellow who we shared our cookies with.

After dropping our stuff we went to go check out Willis Tower. It used to be called Sears Tower. We decided to not go up it because when we entered a security guard said it was closed to the public except for a restaurant. Oh well. After grabbing some Subway we headed back to catch some zzzz's

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