Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chicago cont.

After checking out and storing our bags with the desk we headed out to explore. It turns out my dad's Kindle broke somehow and I had to figure out the warranty on it. But besides that we were out to have fun today.

We started out heading towards the Navy Pier. Unfortunately we got kind of lost and ended up on the wrong side of the harbor. We hung out around there because there was an aquarium and a museum. We didn't go in but we did grab some Chicago style hot dogs, which were delicious. The walk to Navy Pier ended up being about 2 and a half miles. This was just the beginning of our walking careers. In total we would walk dozens of miles on this trip.

Personally I did not know very much about the Navy Pier. I had never heard of it. But Dakota knew about the memorial and amusement park. We walked down the mile long pier, looking at all of the tourist attractions. This is where Dakota decided to get a fire department shirt from every city.besides doing a little souvenir shopping we didn't do very much. We played one round of mini golf, which I lost badly by the way.

After deciding not to see an IMAX movie we walked to the most important part of our visit to Chicago. We went to the Man vs. Food acclaimed Chicago-style pizza joint: Gino's East. There we ordered the 3 inch deep dish supreme pizza. The 6 inch wide pizza could have fed an army. It put any pizza I had had before to shame. It made me want to go to Papaurphy's and spit on their so-called Chicago-style. It was amazing

We took our large amount of leftovers and walked back. By this time we only had a few hours left before our train to Boston and we had to walk back a good 3 or 4 miles. Luckily the walk wasn't disinteresting because we walked through downtown and passed Willis Tower again. We grabbed our bags from the Hostel and walked the three blocks to Union Station. Our train left in the evening and would take about 22 hours to get there.

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