Sunday, July 3, 2011


We arrived in Boston a few hours late. This meant that we got there in the dark. We walked through the dark streets of West Boston to the HI Boston Hostel. We checked in around 9:45. This was possibly the most unused hotel ever. We slept the night. Got up around ten and checked out. The room we stayed in was pretty nice. We got a private room with two twin beds. They were not comfortable at all. There was even a tv! Gasp!

Unfortunately we were unable to store our big heavy bags at this Hostel. Through our entire tour of Boston we had to carry those bags. And keep in mind that we walked. We walked around West Boston for a bit. We checked out the Baseball stadium and got lost a few times. Then we walked to downtown.

Downtown Boston was nice and clean in comparison to Chicago. Our first goal was to get some of Boston's famous New England clam chowder. It was very easy to tell when we entered the tourist section of Boston. There were people dressed like colonial times leading around tour groups. Also there was a huge amount of people. And I mean huge. We stopped by a tourist shop to grab a few souvenirs and then walked into the heart of it.

Unknowingly we stepped onto a path called Freedom Trail. On this there was a very sobering Holocaust memorial. The glass towers were covered in the tattoo serial numbers that signified the prisoners. It was world crushing and emotionally huge.

After that experience we squeezed ourselves into probably the most famous Oyster House in Boston and sat at the bar. Two bowls of delicious and unmatchable clam chowder later and we were happy campers. That was the best clam chowder I've ever had.

Where we went next was really the main reason we went to Boston. We went to see the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. The U.S.S. Constitution. Dakota was particularly excited to see it. After passing through security we navigated the close quarters of that beautiful sailing ship with our huge bags. It was quite an amazing experience.

After we bought a few souvenirs we walked to a science museum. When we arrived we found it closed. So we began to work our way towards the train station. On our way passed the farmers market we picked up some cheap fruit that ended up being the most bitter fruit I have ever tasted. We walked through a shopping area where I picked up the coolest bracelet ever for Jenny and then we stopped for a show. A street performer gave the funniest and most amazing show ever. I can only regret not having cash to give him. He was a professional and did this for a living. A lot of his funny came from making fun of the audience. It was great even if he was a little bit unpracticed. He messed up a few tricks.

Now we walked to South Station to leave Boston. But we arrived at Back Bay station. Boston has 4 different Amtrak stations. No other city, not even Chicago, has more than one station. We learned that thanks to city of Boston restoration we had to figure out which station was which. It was not an easy task and we were lucky I had done a little research. With that we left for New York.

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