Monday, June 13, 2011


Well the countdown says I have 4 more days until we leave. Dakota and I are going to spending the next 4 weeks traveling around the country by train. We will visit most major American cities on the east coast. It will be fun for sure.

Today we bought our train tickets. For a months worth of train travel 1604$ really isn't that bad. The only problems we had making reservations were: that we have to take a 9:45AM train to Portland to catch the 4:00PM train to Minneapolis (Any suggestions of what to do in Portland for five hours?), The train from D.C. to New Orleans will cost an extra 100$, our tickets to Montreal can't be reserved until Dakota gets his passport (ordered 6 weeks ago), and we might not even get to Minneapolis because of flooding.... That last one has me worried. Why couldn't the weather wait to be crazy until after our trip.

Anyway. Got to get packing. Looking for reminders on what to pack. There is so much stuff and I don't want to forget anything. Also check my brand new Facebook for updates and pictures!

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